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Our Story 


Head Chef

Native to Indonesia, Henry Wu moved to the U.S. in 2000. 


Working for over a few decades as a sushi chef, Henry is one of the pioneer chefs of his generation who helped the Atlanta sushi industry evolve to what it is today. 


Learning valuable knowledge from every individual he's ever worked with, he recalls that much of his techniques are from working years at Sushi Nami and at the notable Tomo, as Chef Tomo's right-hand man, serving his regulars Omakase and conducting Whole Tuna Cutting events. 


His hard work doesn’t stop in the restaurant as his attention to detail continues at home as a husband and father of two children. He still entertains his children (and even us sometimes) with his magic that he's also practiced as a hobby for many years!


It’s a promise that Henry's dedication, passion, and love of his craft and his work will bring exceptional experiences to you, our guests, at Nagomiya. It's sure to inspire you to learn even more about Japanese cuisine and delve deeper into Japanese culture.


MGK stands for "Magokoro" which means all of one's heart and sincerity in Japanese. “MGK Hospitality’s adventurous journey began on the corner of 14th St on the Westside in the spring of 2015.

This cozy 1400SF and long-time vacant spot turned out to be one of the busiest Japanese restaurants in Atlanta and was named Wagaya meaning ‘Our Home’. From sushi, sashimi, and donburi to curry and ramen the well-rounded all-in-one authentic Japanese concept was something the people in the city were waiting for.”

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